Constituted in January 1989, "FLUXFIN, Company Organization and Consultancy, Ltd" is a company that renders services, and whose main objective is to support the organization of national and international SME (small and medium-sized enterprises), in the most varied sectors of activity and in all functional areas, with special competences in the strategic and financial areas.

Since 1992, date at which it stabilized the present group of partners, business and client volume has been growing, based on "put the word out" communication, which is a direct result of the credibility and competence evidenced over the years.

The increase in requests and in clients" level of demand, created the need to autonomize some businesses, which in turn guaranteed a greater specialization in important areas such as financial audit, consultancy in quality and environment and in social responsibility, where new companies and new brands were developed.

With the emergence of new clients in the Centre and in the North of the Country, we opened, in 1998, an office in the city of Porto, which has been guaranteeing the logistic support for the projects developed with those clients.

In 2005, and in order to guarantee a larger support for our clients" internationalization projects, we adhered to IGAF, nowadays PrimeGlobal, an association of audit and consultancy firms, represented by more than 200 companies, with 384 offices dispersed throughout 89 countries, embracing all continents.

Presently, with almost 20 workers distributed throughout the various corporations and a turnover superior to 500.000€, the company has assured, thanks to the quality and seriousness that has ruled its work, the contribution of highly qualified personnel in areas where their competences are smaller, establishing partnerships with entities that are recognized in their domains of action, obtaining integrated responses to the requests that have been made by national and foreign companies.